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Strategy Services for Asian Markets

The main services that MRC Asia offers are collecting market data, called research fieldwork services, and research-based marketing consultation services for corporate clients, which will provide them with advice, research interpretation, and the cultural understanding necessary to successfully market their products or services in key Asian markets.
The key services provided are in the following areas:

  • Market Analysis: Research interviews with consumers and industry specialists are conducted to analyze the structure of the market and to gain a full understanding of major market segments. We commonly do product research: needs, operating characteristics, future trends and scenarios, etc. Various research techniques are used.

  • Competitor Analysis: Research interviews with industry suppliers and specialists are conducted to understand fully the structure of the industry. A full competitor analysis is conducted, including strengths and weaknesses, recent marketing and positioning activities, along with advertising strategy. Based on our market research on key indicators, product market volumes and shares can usually be determined and then along with a SWOT (Strength/Weakness/Opportunities/Threats) analysis, we can assist in formulating optimal marketing strategies.

  • Distribution Analysis: Research interviews are conducted with managers and owners of wholesale and retail businesses to gain information such as patterns of current suppliers, direct sales versus distributor mix, receivables, technical services and dealer or retailer sub-structure. Data gathered can be utilized to identify a potential partner for entry into the distribution networks.

  • Strategic Marketing Consultation: Work with corporate clients in conducting research on the economic or cultural environment, market analysis, studies on distribution channels as well as research on consumer behavior, advising on the best approach to realize their marketing objectives.