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Qualitative Services

We employ a myriad of qualitative techniques using a team approach that shows our commitment to the highest quality standards.

    Focus group discussions (minis/triads)
    Opinion formers creative brainstorming
    Depth interviews/CLT interviews in viewing facilities
    Accompanied shopping
    Audio/video diaries instant/disposable cameras
    Non-verbal Techniques
    Observational research
    Pedestrian / traffic counts / travel patterns
    Store checks / facing counts
    Distribution studies

Our moderators work closely with company principals throughout all phases of the project and have extensive experience using a wide range of projective techniques. Whether it be physicians, other health professionals, patients, corporate executives, trendy teens, or housewives; they have the skills to get respondents to effectively share their perceptions and feelings.

We typically use independent field services to recruit respondents and then employ our internal fieldwork management to control the fielding process and the independently validate the sample. This way, you never get the same people responsible for checking their own work and if an interview cannot be effectively validated, then it is immediately discarded from the sample.